INDID Media Education Programme

In 2019, the Institute for Discourse and Dialogue launched a media education programme that is conducted mainly in secondary schools. Its aim is to familiarize young people with the mechanisms of media functioning (both traditional and so-called new media) and to provide knowledge on journalism, social communication and the relationship between politics and information dissemination. This process is carried out with the use of a modern, interactive educational tool – the board game „The Fourth Estate” developed by our team.

The „Fourth Estate” is the first board game in the field of media education that transmits knowledge and shows the mechanisms of contemporary media functioning and its links with politics. Players take on the role of editors-in-chief of specific media editorial offices and decide about their goals by choosing editorial lines. Then they must publicize the news that will support their implementation, but at the same time they must ensure that the sufficiently high level of funding and the credibility of the editorial office are maintained. Those activities are intertwined with a quiz, which – if the player answers correctly – increases his chances of winning, but does not guarantee it! The game teaches how to make difficult and wise decisions, but sometimes difficult compromises as well.

The game is useful for conducting workshops in secondary schools. Thanks to them the media education process is carried out among students. We encourage schools and teachers to contact the coordinator of the INDID Media Education programme – Sara Smyczek ( to learn about the details of cooperation.



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